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Jesse Alas in Nicaragua

Jesse Alas is a man that has truly grown into his purpose. Since Jesse was a young man he lived most of his life without Christ. In 2004, Jesse moved to Palo Alto California with a friend of his that worked for an airline. They both abused drugs and eventually the two got into a fight and a knife was involved. Jesse was jailed for the altercation and eventually was transferred to Arizona.

Jesse's friend dropped the charges by mistake and Jesse was released to the streets of Phoenix. Jesse went to the mens mission on 40th street and Van Buren. It was there that he discovered that he had people there that would keep him accountable for his actions. Jesse lived at the mens mission for 3 years, and it was then that he started his Crosswalk Ministry.

When Jesse finished probation he went back to CA and it was tough for him to do his walk on his own. Pastor Gregg from Church on the Street in Phoenix gave Jesse a call and invited him to come into the ministry. He was one of the first disciples to receive a ministry in phase one at the Phoenix Dream Center. Pastor Walt mentored Jesse as he walked the cross.and he showed him by example how to lead. He became a pastor at the Dream Center in 2012.

Jesse changed his former associations and surrounded himself with pastors and has been to 18 different countries to date, and he has walked a total of 17k miles with the cross. The lord told Jesse not to look back and Jesse keeps moving forward with no map. Jesse always thinks about his prior life and that is what keeps him on the path.

Jesse is currently in Nicaragua and will be going to El Salvador to bring much needed supplies and the word of God to the people. He meets people in every place that he travels to...and in Nicaragua is working on building a radio station and church and is currently a regular on a local radio show.

Jesse also just acquired a piece of land for the church and radio station. Jesse lives in a country environment no hot showers or luxuries of America and he is just following his calling with great conviction. Please support this great man and his ministry and cause with your generous donation. Your donation will help him complete his vision for a community that has never had a chance to know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, giving people hope where there was none.

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